Coronavirus Procedures & Policyholder Information

Forrest T. Jones & Company (FTJ) and our related enterprises continue to monitor developments in the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and adjust our business procedures accordingly.

Our goal has always been—and will continue to be—the safety of our employees as well as our ability to provide uninterrupted service to our policyholders and partners.

Our headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, has reopened to employees and visitors on a voluntary basis. Social distancing and mask requirements have been reinstituted in response to the Delta variant of COVID-19. All employees and visitors are required to wear facemasks while in common areas of the building, or when participating in face-to-face meetings if social distancing (a minimum of six feet distance between participants) cannot be achieved.

Currently, staffing at headquarters remains below 50%, as a majority of employees continue to work remotely. All remote workers have the capacity to perform their job functions virtually.

FTJ also has lifted all restrictions on essential business travel for employees.

Policyholder Information

Many insurance companies have extended grace periods for payment of premium, and several states have mandated payment extensions for their residents.

If you are having difficulty making a regularly scheduled premium payment, please contact FTJ customer service to learn about any remedies that may be available to you.

Customer service representatives are available to assist you during the following times:

  • Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Central time, except federal holidays.
  • Closed Saturdays and Sundays.

For FTJ business partners, your account executive or contact person remains available for questions, concerns, or additional assistance in addition to his or her regular support.

Additional Information

Following are links to official information about the COVID-19 Pandemic from national and international sources, as well as our home jurisdiction.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) information:

World Health Organization, Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak information:

Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance, COVID 19 Outbreak information: https://health.mo.gov/living/healthcondiseases/communicable/novel-coronavirus/  

Rev. 8-21