Strong promotional campaigns build strong sales. Key in on these eight exceptional varieties that Proven Winners will be dedicating significant marketing dollars to build excitement and demand for beginning Spring 2022.

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Graceful Grasses® Prince Tut

Cyperus Dwarf Egyptian Papyrus

Grow some garden royalty!

This compact mid-sized form of Egyptian papyrus grows about half the height of King Tut but produces the same large plumes at the tip of each stem. It makes a fun and interesting thriller in containers without being too dominating. This moisture-loving annual is easy and vigorous in production and in the garden.



Heart to Heart® 'Raspberry Moon'

Caladium Sun or Shade Caladium

Fun foliage for sun or shade!

Growers have come to love our Heart to Heart caladiums for their large bulbs that come painted and de-eyed for easy planting and result in a predictably strong crop every time. 'Raspberry Moon' is a fancy-leaf variety with pale green leaves covered in bright raspberry red speckles. It is a strong grower that fills out containers fully.



'Paint the Town Magenta'

Dianthus Pinks

Grow a carpet of color!

Prized for its brilliant flower coverage and increased heat tolerance, this selection of Dianthus makes a fantastic, reliably perennial landscape plant. Single, magenta pink flowers completely cover the glaucous blue foliage when it's in peak color. 



Shadowland® 'Diamond Lake'


A diamond in the shade!

This distinctive, large hosta is an ethereal blue that stands out easily on retail benches and in shade gardens. Its thick, heart-shaped leaves are edged in consistent ruffles that give it that extra measure of flair. Pale lavender flowers appear just above the foliage in early to midsummer. Plant your crop in midsummer to late summer 2021 for spring and summer 2022 sales.



Double Play Doozie ®

Spiraea Spirea

Unstoppable flower show all season!

Spirea is an old landscape staple, but Double Play Doozie raises the standards with its sterile, non-invasive form. This shrub flowers non-stop all season with hot pink-red clusters that complement the vibrant red new growth. It is truly the most beautiful, ground-breaking spirea we've trialed. 



Suñorita ®

Rosa Landscape Rose

One of the easiest roses you'll ever grow!

In our 5+ years of trialing it, no one could walk by Suñorita rose without saying, "What IS that?!" So once it met our standards for disease resistance and non-stop blooming, introducing it was an easy decision. Vivid orange buds open to rich gold and yellow blossoms above the deep green, glossy foliage all season long.



Little Quick Fire ®

Hydrangea paniculata Panicle Hydrangea

Sized to fit every garden!

Like its full-sized cousin, Quick Fire, this dwarf panicle hydrangea is an early bloomer, typically flowering about a month earlier than most. Its white flowers quickly transition to pink-red. Because of its smaller 3-5' stature, it presents well in containers and is easy to incorporate into existing landscapes. 



Incrediball ®

Hydrangea arborescens Smooth Hydrangea

Blossoms as big as basketballs!

This popular hydrangea was developed as an improvement over the classic 'Annabelle', featuring stronger stems and larger, full mophead style flowers that bloom on new wood reliably every summer. Consumers can't get enough of this hydrangea! Help your retail customers keep their benches stocked with Incrediball all summer.  


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