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BancPath® Asset / Liability Management Reporting and Consulting Service

by David Farris

Asset Management Group, Inc. (AMG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Country Club Bank and has been serving community banks since 1995.  AMG offers a range of asset/liability management services designed to meet regulatory expectations while also managing risk and improving margins.  

Today’s Pro Shop touches on the highlights of AMG’s Asset / Liability Reporting and Consulting Service as well as other services offered by AMG.

BancPath® Model and Reporting and Consulting Service

  • Reporting Complies with all Aspects of FDIC Advisory on IRR Management issued January 2010
  • Monthly or Quarterly Reporting
  • Client Submits Data to AMG through our Secure Web-based Portal at
  • Client Training Provided by AMG to Create Complete Data Files and Submit Data
  • Prompt Turnaround of Reports once Data is Submitted with 24-48 Hour Target
  • Report PDF is Emailed when Complete & Client has the Ability to Download Current & Past Reports from our Secure Web-based Portal
  • Late-Term Aggregation of Client Data.  Account detail is used for all Analysis and Simulations
  • Income Simulations – Ramped, Shocked, Parallel, +-500, Multi-Year and Nonparallel Curve Shifts
  • Market Value of Equity Calculations
  • Loan Reinvestment Rates determined by Actual Prior Period Business Booked
    CD Reinvestment Rates determined by Actual Prior Period Business Booked
  • Deposit Beta Calculator Built in to the Model Updates Deposit Beta Assumptions Every Period
  • Non-Maturing Deposit Average Life determined by calculating the weighted time open for every deposit account and then calculating Retention Rates at the account level Every Period
  • Core Deposit Study included with every report which analyzes changes over time in Deposit Betas, Deposit Durations and Balances
  • Liquidity Analysis - All Key Ratios Calculated - Cash Flow Tables to project Cash Balances in base & stress scenarios over 365 days as well as shorter time frames – Three Stage Liquidity Analysis
  • Ability to Update Reports in Response to Regulatory Guidance, Client Requests and Exam Trends
  • Detailed Portfolio Summaries for Loans and Deposits
  • Pricing Comparisons for Loans Based on Current Portfolio Yield and Prior Period Business Booked to Market Rates & Peers
  • Pricing Comparisons for CDs Based on Prior Period Business Booked to Market Rates and Peers
  • Pricing Comparisons for Non-maturing Deposits to Peers
  • Investment Portfolio Comparison to Peer Portfolios including Book Yield, Book Price, Portfolio Mix, Coupon, Duration, Market Price and G/L
  • Calculation of all Key Ratios & Comparison to AMG Client Group, UBPR Groups & Custom Peer Groups
  • Stress Tests of Material Assumptions including Beta and Retention for Non-Maturing Deposits, Change in Deposit Mix and Prepayments
  • Report Appendix Documents all Material Methodology, Assumptions and Model Certification
  • Excel files provided to client to perform their own Stress Testing on Liquidity CF & Material Assumptions
  • Master Report – All Report Exhibits in Excel along with all Detail and Assumptions – Audit File is a smaller subset of the Master Report
Other Services & Reporting – Included with Monthly/Quarterly Reporting Service
  • Asset/Liability Management Consulting provided as Requested along with Reporting
  • AMG Reps available for ALCO and Board Meetings through Zoom and Onsite Visits
  • Policy Consulting for Investment, A/L, Contingency Funding, Capital Management & Derivatives
  • Deposit Stratification Excel File – Analyze effect of Rearranging Balance Tiers & Rates on Non-maturing Deposit Accounts
  • Marginal Cost Analysis Excel File – Calculate Marginal Cost of Funds or “true cost” of CD Specials
  • What If Report – Analyze Effect on NII and MVE from Changing Balance Sheet Structure
  • Template for Meeting Agenda Populated with Bank Info and relevant Market Data – Additional Features – Included with Monthly/Quarterly Reporting Service
  • Ability for Client to Perform, Print & Download Additional Analytics using their own Data
  • Interactive Peer Group Comparison – Compare Your Banks Performance to Any Other Bank
  • Loan Builder Loan Pricing Tool
  • Model Projected Cash Flows for All Assets and Liabilities used in the Client’s specific Report
  • Exam Checklist for Banks
  • Additional Research on Current Asset / Liability Issues and Investment Strategies
  • Client Profile Section – Controls Contact Info, Report Distribution List, Access to Contract, Billing
Additional Services Available (additional cost)
  • Budgeting
  • Drill Down Reporting – Branch Profitability and Interactive Loan Officer Profitability
  • PARS – Detailed Portfolio Analytics Reporting for Investment Securities Reporting and Analysis
  • Derivative Modeling and Trading
  • CECL Services
  • Bond Accounting and Safekeeping Services are also Available via Country Club Bank Capital Markets Group
For further information on our Asset / Liability Management Reporting and Consulting services or any of the other services provided by AMG, please feel free to reach out to your Capital Markets Group Investment Sales Representative.  You may also contact AMG directly at 800-226-1923 or at


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