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CECL Is Here to Stay

Asset Management Group (AMG) wrote about an offer for the storage of Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) data in our PMR in September.  Many banks have inquired about the service and several have added it to what we currently do for them. The offer remains available for those who are still in need of this service and the article can be accessed by clicking the following link:

PMR - CECL Option to Have Choices 09/11/20

We continue to have conversations with auditors and regulators about what is expected of community banks as it relates to CECL.  The overwhelming response is that community banks should keep their CECL modeling somewhat simple and that it is important to maintain documentation for justification.  Banks also need to begin the process of storing their data in an effort to have sufficient history and calculate a reasonable Allowance for Credit Loss number. 

In this month’s Pro Shop, we would appreciate hearing from you.  Please help us by participating in this short survey on CECL solutions.  This will allow us to better understand your needs as it relates to CECL and how we can better serve your bank.  We kindly ask that you please send your responses to the following email address: or click the link below to access the survey online.  We truly appreciate your time and input!



1.  Are you current storing your own data for CECL?                                               YES    or      NO

2.  Currently working with another provider for this service                                      YES    or      NO

3.  Have you already implemented a CECL solution?                                              YES    or      NO

4.  If a solution was priced between $7,000 and $10,000 annually,
     would that be competitive with other solutions you have researched
     or are currently using?                                                                                         YES    or      NO

5.  Is a Sarbanes Oxley audited model a requirement for you?                                YES    or      NO

6.  Optional:  Who should we contact to share more about our process and CECL storage solution?



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